A great time!


Our Korrika event was a success today!


We've already produced a short video that you can see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kupe8-63Pw0&feature=youtu.be



2021 Arte!


The Washington, DC Euskal Etxea is a Basque Club formed in 2006.

Our purposes include:

  • Keeping and practicing the culture and traditions of the Basque people
  • Engaging in educational, social, and recreational activities to bring together those interested in the Basque people
  • Supporting the members in any reasonable matter
  • Promoting the Basque culture in the greater community


Contact: wdceuskaletxea@gmail.com



Upcoming Events 2019

  • Tuesday, April 7 - Korrika

  • Saturday, May tba - Aberri Eguna Rock Creek Park picnic - site 10

  • Saturday, July tba - the Tour de France will be going through the Basque Country. Celebrate!

  • Saturday, September tba - PiperraPalooza

  • September to June - Euskera Klaseak - Basque Language Classes (adult &
       children's classes)

  • December tba: Olentzero DC-ra Dator XIV


Check out the video of 2017's Korrika on Apirilaren 9an!

- https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YMzABsiD-h8

History of the Washington, DC Euskal Etxea

The origin of the Washington, DC Euskal Etxea traces back to October of 2005. That fall, the Embassy of France hosted a screening of the "Last Link", a movie chronicling the lives of Basque shepherds in the Western US. Argia Beristain and Jurdana Izagirre Artaza, two of the Washington, DC Euskal Etxea founders, met at this event's reception and after many months of dinners, patxaran and enthusiastic late night conversations, decided to organize a big gathering to reach out to other Basques in the area, with the goal of creating a Basque Club in DC.

That initial meeting took place in July of 2006 and over 30 people from the Greater Washington area attended. Just five months later, the Washington DC Euskal Etxea was officially incorporated.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and hard work of our board members and friends Izaskun Urien, Nagore Goitiandia, Sam Zengotitabengoa, Lorea Barturen, Eba Cortabarria, Bea Elorza and Pello Huesa, 2007 was a very busy year. We became members of the North American Basque Organizations (NABO) and hosted many exciting and varied events, such as the Aberri Eguna picnic, a DC United soccer game, a Piperra dinner, a movie night, the Olentzero party and a Txalaparta concert. Our membership has kept growing as well; we currently have around 40 members, most of them young professionals.

We thank all our members and friends for their support and dedication toward creating a meeting point for those interested in all Basque and we welcome everybody in the DC area to come and participate with us. The Washington, DC Euskal Etxea anticipates many more gatherings and events as we continue to expand membership and celebrate Basque fellowship.

Ondo ibili eta laster arte!


2019 Board Members

Samiñe Irigoien - Jurdana Izagirre - Dan Ayaïs Robinson - Sam Zengotitabengoa


Recent board members: Argia Beristain - Mark Bieter - Nagore Goitiandia


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